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Current researchers

  • Director: Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour, Ph.D., CMfgE

Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour is a professor and manufacturing engineering program coordinator at the Ingram School of Engineering, Texas State University. He is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE). He has been PI or CoPI of more than 50 external and internal grants. Dr. Asiabanpour is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing (IJRapidM).


Student researchers:

Graduate Student:

Zaid Almusaied  (PhD.- MSEC)

Fatema Tuz Zohra (PhD. MSEC, MS- Engineering)

Mark Summers (MS- Engineering)

Jesse Garcia (MS- Engineering) 

Ricardo Ramirez (MS- Engineering)

Undergraduate students:

Maggie Morton (EverGreen- BlueWater)

Kaitlyn Ramirez (EverGreen- BlueWater)

Jordan Severinson (EverGreen- BlueWater)

Stephen Smyth (EverGreen- BlueWater)

Former researchers

Former researchers

Ariadna Gonzalez (External funding: EverGreen)

Brooke Illig (External funding: EverGreen)

Isiah Garcia (External funding: EverGreen)

Chance Martin  (External funding: EverGreen)

Andrea Strapper  (External funding: EverGreen)

Muzaffer Hosen Akanda

Rafiqul Islam

Otto Randolph (Now ME Ph.D. student Texas A&M)

Faraz Moghimi (Now Finance Ph.D. student)

Riley Horner (External funding: EverGreen, NASA, Re-Energize, SURE)

Brent Newberry-Olson (External funding: EverGreen)

Jognisa Hauling (External funding: EverGreen)

Jacob Pangonas (External funding: EverGreen)

Tatiyanna Bardwell (External funding: EverGreen)

Mack Starnes  (External funding: EverGreen)

Isaac Olson  (External funding: SAC/EverGreen)

Danielle Cortez (External funding: EverGreen, Re-energize)

Michelle Mata (External funding: EverGreen)

Alexander J Little (External funding: EverGreen)

Allison Nichole Manning (External funding: EverGreen)

Albert Nandin (External funding: EverGreen)

Genisis Segundo (External funding: EverGreen, NASA)

Yahaira Cueva (External funding: EverGreen)

Karina Paz (External funding: EverGreen)

Stephanie Lopez (External funding: EverGreen)

Zane Gooden  (External funding: NASA)

Juan Silva (External funding: Re-energize)

Katherine Casey (External funding: EverGreen, NASA, Re-energize, SURE) 

Alec Chamberlain (External funding: NASA, Re-energize) 

Olaoluwa (Diola) Aina (External funding: NASA, Re-energize) 

Mohamed Sghari  (External funding: Re-energize, SURE) 

Natalie Ownby  (External funding: Re-energize) 

Elizabeth Alvizo (External funding: EverGreen)

Melina Mijarez  (External funding: EverGreen) 

Graciela De Leon  (External funding: EverGreen)

Marisol Soza   (External funding: EverGreen)

Marco Antonio Gutierrez (External funding: EverGreen)

Esteban Gamez  (External funding: EverGreen)

Marshal Suniga  (External funding: EverGreen) 

Celina Gonzalez (External funding: Re-energize) 

William Schneider (MS- Engineering)

Marcella Juarez (MS- Ag. EverGreen)

Timothy Kunze  (External funding: Re-energize) 

Javier Ortiz  (External funding: EverGreen)

Alexandra Ballejo (External funding: EverGreen)

Daniel Resendez (External funding: EverGreen)

Carlos Rodriguez (External funding: EverGreen)

Kyle August (Davidson) (external funding: Re-energize, SURE)

Stephen Mings (External funding: EverGreen and NASA)

Thomas Cowden  (External funding: Re-energize) 

Samuel Medicino (external funding: Re-energize)

Manuel Juarez (External funding: EverGreen)

Alejandra Estrada (MS- Engineering Technology)

Anthony Solano (External funding: EverGreen)

Kyle Rainosek (external funding: Re-energize)

Douglass Hill (external funding: Re-energize)

Marcus Mitchel (external funding: Re-energize)

Heejoo Lee (external funding: Re-energize and NASA)

Eric Leake (external funding: Re-energize)

Andrew Bland (external funding: Re-energize)

Maedeh Dabbaghianamiri (Ph.D., MSEC) (One conference paper)

Nicholas Hawkes (external funding: Re-energize+ NASA) (One conference paper)

Steven Mathis (external funding: Re-energize+ NASA) (One conference paper)

Jesus Fuentus (external funding: Re-energize) (One conference paper)

Abbas Fahami (Ph.D., MSEC, external funding: Re-energize)

Aaron Zamora (external funding: Re-energize)

Abel Ardis (one conference and one journal paper)

David Balls

Jacob Warren  (external funding: Re-energize)

Joshua Martin  (external funding: Re-energize)

Joshua Mitchel  (external funding: Re-energize)

Darryl Balderas  (external funding: Re-energize)

Abdul-Mutti Brent Alzabalawi

Mohammad Hayasi (five conference and eight journal papers).

Lucio Andres Alvarez Andrade (one conference and one journal paper).

Durga Tejaswani Vejandla (one conference and one journal paper).

Sravan Kolichala, (two conference papers and one journal paper).

Farhana Wasik, (one conference paper and one journal paper).

Chandrashekar Subbareddy, (three conference papers and three journal papers).

Justin Mcnamara (one conference paper)

Chance Justice

Jamie Humble (one conference paper)

Tyler Davis

Bret Mackie

Emerson Dawson (Mensor)

Sara Comacho (HLSAMP Mentee, Cumming)

Megan Taylor (Boeing)

Cameron Gentles

Robert Fischer (one conference paper)

Timothy Glenn Conner (one conference paper)

Matthew Loerwald (Martin Sprocket foundry division, one journal paper)

Jonathon Lightfield (Philips-Widelite),

Thomas Wilson (Philips-Widelite, two journal papers),

Aaron Hollingshead (Samsung),

 Daniel Conner (Samsung),

 Erik Larson,

 Travis Hilbig,

Julio Mata, (Toyota, one conference paper),

Naureen Wahed, (HLSAMP mentee for two years, one conference paper, Applied Materials),

Anne Tseng, (two conference papers),

Lane VanWagner, (four conference papers and one journal paper),

Thomas McCormick, (one conference paper and one journal paper),

Evan Jensen, (two conference papers),

Robert Cano, (one conference paper and one journal paper),

Tsung Lee, (one conference paper).

Current and Former Researchers